Maps and guides of Gangi

Gangi is a town rich in history and interesting routes. But there is also a lot to explore around and outside the town of Gangi.

Walks into the wild:

Gangi is a town surrounded by nature such as mountains and parks. From here you can explore many natural paths, including a beautiful walk in the Madonie park, which is just a few kilometres away from the center.

A map shows us some interesting routes where you can go on foot or by bicycle: Click here to see the map.

The area is the natural junction between the Nebrodi and Madonie Regional Parks.

Gangi town:

In 2011 Gangi created The Geouturistic itinerary of the historic center of Gangi. It is a path through the ancient inhabited area that starts from Via Monte Marone. This route is meant to stimulate the curiosity of all visitors, even the ones who are not particularly versed in earth sciences, and to rediscover the geological heritage of Gangi together with the historical, artistic and cultural one.
Paper guides have also been printed for the route and are available to tourists.
For a tour of the points of greatest interest, we recommend that you take a look at the official map of the town.
You can download the official city map here.