The Stradivarius of the drum: Fabrizio Fazio, artist and craftsman joins the Register of intangible inheritances

Fabrizio Fazio’s drums are known all over the world, built with care using an ancient technique and with materials that make them unique pieces, such as goat skins, tin and worked wood. Each drum emits a different, distinct and therefore precious sound.
His craftsmanship is so renowned that he has now officially entered in the Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage for the region of Sicily. Fabrizio shows us his drums and explains the various types, like the imperial drum, a medieval model with a wooden case up to the tambourine typical of traditional southern music. There are only four drum craftsmen in Italy, all from the southern region, and he is one of them.

In Gangi we find his workshop, named "La Capra Canta", meaning “the singing goat”, a symbolic title that refers to the material used for his drums.

Hearing him play is an unforgettable experience. He does it with extreme skill and passion, making his love for the art of music, and specifically of the drum, highly contagious.
His way of telling us about his passion, from how it was born and then passed on to others, is fascinating to say the least. You can't leave the shop "La Capra Canta" without a small tambourine in your bag.

If you want to order your drum, a unique piece signed by the craftsman and entirely handmade, you can contact Fabrizio on his social networks, he will be happy to answer you!