Meet Rosario Restivo and his workshop

While you walk around Gangi you will notice some baskets and small wooden chairs, objects that embellish the town. These are the handcrafted works of Rosario Restivo, nicknamed Sariddu!

Rosario learned the basket weaving technique when he was very young and since that moment he has never abandoned the ancient tradition, making baskets and chairs for almost the whole town.

They are works created by hand that require a lot of time and care. Rosario also collects wood during the days of the full moon, when the material is (as he himself explains) more resistant.
If you want to get to know Sariddu better, we recommend this video:

Basket weaving dates back a long time and traces of baskets have even been found in the Egyptian pyramids. If you want to learn more about this amazing ancient technique, Rosario will be very glad to explain everything about it.