Meet the bread artist: Francesco Logiudice

Francesco Logiudice is an artist and creator of bread sculptures from Gangi. Able to sculpt figures of all kinds and (literally) churn out sacred images such as Madonnas, angels or flowers and nativity scenes, his technique is one of a kind and known throughout the world.

His art is exhibited in Gangi at Palazzo Bongiorno every Sunday where you can also meet him in person and find out more about him and his passion as a bread maker.
We had the honour of knowing him and seeing him at work, here is the video we created:

Francesco does not use moulds or stamps and everything is done strictly by hand All the pieces he creates are unique and obviously with a short expiration date as he only ever uses natural ingredients.

His works of art have been showcased during several important ceremonies and have garnered much well-deserved the attention. His loaves of bread, in fact, have been appreciated and shared through various television broadcasts, even overseas.

If you are in Gangi, in addition to going to see his works at Palazzo Bongiorno, don't miss out on trying some of the baked goods sold at his shop. We especially recommend his pizzas (pizzette), which are just delicious!