The Most Fascinating Sightseeing Spots in Gangi: Photos for IG and social media. Here is our list!

Gangi: Small town, big photos!

Have you ever traveled thinking about photos that you can take and share on your social networks? In Gangi we have created a map of 12 main places for IG photographers, making Gangi the Italian capital of selfies!
Here is the list of places you cannot miss:


Address: Provincial road SS120

Photo before entering Gangi

The first stop, #Welcometogangi, refers to the point where you can initially admire the town. It is a breathtaking view that surprises you when you are almost about to reach the entrance of the town. From this Selfie point you can see the whole town built on Mount Marone and the Etna volcano behind it. This first spot is the start of Selfie points map, an ideal stop during a summer day or just before sunset, when the sky is all painted in blues and pinks.


Address: Via Corso Giuseppe Fedele Vitale, Gangi

Photo of Torre Ventimiglia

The splendid late Gothic tower of the Ventimiglia family rises imposingly on the main square of the ancient town and adjacent to it you will find the entrance to the Chiesa della Matrice. The photos under this tower are stunning and it is no coincidence that all the wedding photographers in the area choose this glimpse for their shoots. Even inside of the tower (open to the public) you can capture amazing images thanks to the magnificent windows in trifora style.


Address: Piazza Vittime Della Mafia, Gangi

Photo of Gangi panorama

Not very far from the Torre Dei Ventimiglia you will find a large panoramic terrace called Belvedere. From here you can admire the legendary Mount Alburchia, the valley underneath and the Madonie Mountains. The location is amazing around sunset time, when the sun hides behind the beautiful mountains allowing you to get postcard-style photos.


Address: Salita Cammarata 4, Gangi

Photo of Palazzo Bongiorno ceiling

The glorious Palazzo Bongiorno, with its wonderful frescoed vaults by the artist Gaspare Fumagalli, is certainly a highly instagrammable place! It is a noble residence that belonged to the Bongiorno family towards the end of the 18th century.
We recommend a photo with the vault of the "Room of the Dawn", where you will admire a beautiful charioteer led by the god Apollo, the mythological figure who represents pure love for the arts and music.


Address: Ascent of Via Sole

Photo of Etna, as seen from Gangi

Gangi, located at more than 1000 meters above sea level, can offer outstanding views of various kinds, from the Madonie Mountains to even the Mediterranean Sea from the highest points. Surely a unique element is the presence of one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Etna.
From all over via Sole and via Delle Rimembranze, with good weather, you can admire the volcano in its entirety and take pictures with it.
With a bit of luck Etna can sometimes (safely) erupt exactly as you take selfies and magically mark that moment.


Address: Via Leptine, Gangi

Photo of Leptine street, church tower in the background

The alleys of Gangi make you feel like you are traveling through the pages of a fantasy book. The ancient streets, the contrasts between the new and old buildings, the flowers in carefully kept vases, the medieval palaces and walls, really make you dream during your walk. Via Leptine is a small street in Gangi with all of this. Any point in this street can give you unique selfies as well as make you discover such curious details as the coats of arms carved above the doors of the houses and more.


Address: Piazza Del Popolo, Gangi

Photo of Piazza Del Popolo lion

The Gangi Lion Fountain is definitely a must-see selfie point! Built in 1931, it represents a lion about to come out of its lair (a cave) to drink some water. A cascade of leaves makes this suggestive scene even more spectacular.


Address: Via Rosa, Gangi

Photo of a street in Gangi

The arches of via Rosa are all extremely beautiful to see and photograph. With the passages built between the ancient houses of Gangi that act as small bridges connecting one building and another and the narrow streets with a late medieval style, you will be spoiled for choice on where to take your photos. Leave behind the planned excursions and freely travel around the ancient town without a precise destination. Vaguely similar to small Venetian bridges, you'll take your most romantic photos here!


Address: Via Polizzano, Gangi

Photo looking at the main church of Gangi from a street above

Going up the stairs that precede the Lion fountain and the town hall you will find yourself in Via Polizzano where you can take pictures that include the dome of the church and the tower. Probably this small elevated street is the most interesting selfie on the whole list, because it frames several beauties of Gangi all in a single shot.


Address: Via Delle Rimembranze, Gangi
Photo of Via Delle Rimembranze street in Gangi

For more sophisticated photos in Gangi, we recommend a walk in Via F. Alaimo to the intersection with Via Delle Rimembranze. Your next shot is an historically romantic spot and you can walk down to the church of the Holy Trinity, which is a medieval church surrounded by a naturalistic landscape that will really surprise you.


Address: Via Cordova, Gangi

Photo of Piedigrotta church from the street above

In a hidden street that precedes the descent to the church of Piedigrotta you can take beautiful photos from above that include the church bell tower. It is a secluded street, with a small panoramic terrace that can provide opportunities for interesting pictures.


Address: Cortile Nuovo, Gangi

Photo of the mountain of Gangi

This picturesque spot is the highest one on the path. You can be surrounded by interesting natural rock formations and the local flora while taking pictures of yourself with the beautiful landscape and medieval walls.

Other places?

Other attractions you can find in Gangi are a castle dating back to the 13th century, many romantic alleys, churches and more.
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A tour in Gangi is truly a wonderful experience and deserves your visit as part of a classic Sunday outing or a long weekend of relaxation amidst incredible natural beauty!

It is not surprising that the town was admitted to the honorary association of the most beautiful villages in Italy (Borgo Dei Borghi prize).