Taste Sicily: all the flavours to be discovered in Gangi

The island of Sicily is internationally known for its Mediterranean cuisine and street food. But not all dishes are the same. In fact Gangi has its specialties that you can try only in these areas.

"Capricci Di Gola" and its chocolate and hazelnut baskets

Address: Via Nazionale 20, Gangi

Chocolate baskets

The "Capricci Di Gola" bar and pastry shop introduces an unmissable specialty of its own invention. These are chocolate baskets filled with cream and whole local peanuts, an unmissable sweet treat that you can try as soon as you reach the town of Gangi.

Logiudice's pizzas

Address: Via Calabria 9, Gangi

Pizzetta wrapped in Logiudice paper

Logiudice is the renowned bread artist and his works are exhibited all over the world. Logiudice also has his own bakery run together with his young daughters. Among the specialties of the bakery we absolutely recommend the pizzas: small, round margheritas to be eaten on the spot. Discovered by us by chance during a breakfast in the B&B A-MURI, these pizzas are addictively good.

The pistachio cream of Pasticceria Russo

Address: Via Nazionale 82, Gangi

The Russo pastry shop offers a variety of desserts of all kinds, from Catania cassata to Palermo cannoli, but they also sell a selection of sweet creams. The tastiest, according to us, is the pistachio one. Let's not forget that Sicily is famous for its pistachio!

The rotisserie pieces of Sapori in Corso

Address: Via Veneto 4, Gangi

Sapori in Corso offers rotisserie pieces, tasty rollò, fried calzone, arancini and sandwiches filled with local cold cuts and vegetables. It is a food that can be savored even while walking through the beautiful streets of Gangi!

Patti's biscuits

Address: Via Salerno G. 1, Gangi


The biscuit factory of Patti was founded in 1948, producing at first only amaretti with almonds. Their most famous biscuit, today, is certainly "U Turrunettu", born from a recipe handed down for several generations. The rhombus-shaped biscuit covered with royal icing is certainly a culinary symbol of the town of Gangi.

Ancient Flavors and liqueurs for couples

Address: Corso Umberto I 1, Gangi

The Antichi Sapori brand sells mostly traditional food but it also creates liqueurs from secret recipes. Green liquor is shared during engagement parties and red liquor is for weddings. Both liqueurs are highly recommended to get a taste of the old local traditions and rituals.

The Cheeses of Attilio

Address: Piazza Del Popolo 6, Gangi

Cheese and sausages hanging from the ceiling

While in the Madonie area you cannot miss one of the most typical products, the provola. Provola delle Madonie is produced from March to June and must be aged for three months onwards. You can accompany this cheese with several other delicacies, such as local bread and creams. There is also a smoked version of the provola.

Marisa and Enzo's fresh fruit

Address: Via Calabria 1, Gangi

A hand holding an orange

Sicily for centuries has been nicknamed "the golden basin" of Italy, the name referring to the Sicilian oranges known all over the world. Enzo will be able to suggest seasonal fruit, especially all the different types of exclusively Sicily-produced oranges, from the Catania Tarocchi to the typical Brazilian variety. If you love fruit you can't miss this shop!

Finally, with this list, you will be able to add to your trip a tour of flavors that you will never forget. We recommend sharing it with anyone who is about to visit one of the most beautiful towns in Italy: Gangi.